Vodskey is Copperwing's signature creation: a clear, strong spirit, with more flavor and character than vodka. Vodskey is made from Copperwing's bourbon mash, but is distilled more similarly to vodka than whiskey. (That is, the proof at distillation is more similar to vodka than whiskey.) Relative to vodka, Vodskey retains more of our raw ingredients' natural sweetness and flavor-enhancing oils, and is a more full-bodied and substantial spirit.

Tasting notes and pouring suggestions:

Vodskey builds on Copperwing's unmistakable smooth profile with abundant cherry and barley character. Adventurous imbibers will appreciate Vodskey's nuances neat or on ice, but Vodskey is a natural fit in cocktails of all kinds. Try Vodskey as a substitute for whiskey in your favorite Old Fashioned or Mule recipe. Or, use Vodskey in sours, a Margarita, or Mojito. 



Copperwing's Original Gin is precision-crafted using a select blend of flavorful botanicals. We steep our hand-made spirit for nearly a week's time with the botanical blend, and then redistill and vapor-infuse the spirit with additional botanicals to yield a spirit with intense juniper character balanced by sweet citrus and subtle floral notes.

Tasting notes and pouring suggestions:

Supercall nailed it when they named Copperwing's Gin one of the best of 2017: "Round juniper leads on the nose with some rose and savory spice, but just wait until you taste it. The texture is downright velvety, with a thick sweetness that flows through the entire time you’re drinking. Juniper again leads, accompanied by peach and apple, white pepper, light wood and a hint of grapefruit. Buoyed by yeasty Champagne, Copperwing would blossom in a French 75 and would surprise guests in a silky Martini." Thanks, Supercall. 


Copperwing vodka is made from corn, distilled to at least 190 proof, and then combined with reverse 

osmosis-filtered water to 40% ABV (80 proof), providing a clean, crisp, and slightly sweet vodka. Copperwing vodka is polished by charcoal-filtration for extra smoothness and is never chill-filtered before bottling.

Tasting notes and pouring suggestions:

Copperwing Vodka has a bigger flavor profile than most other Vodkas, and has hints of vanilla and a silky-sweet flavor due to its corn-rich grain base. Copperwing Vodka's complex character makes it a natural standout in a martini or Gibson. 


Copperwing's Straight Bourbon Whiskey (90 proof) is now at Copperwing's cocktail room and at select retailers throughout Minnesota. The mash bill includes Minnesota-grown, non-GMO corn, rye, and barley. Our Straight Bourbon is aged in barrels made from Minnesota oak by Atlas Barrel in Minnesota.


Ever had a really fresh, juicy strawberry alongside your favorite gin? We did--and we liked it so much that we decided to bottle it. FRESAS is a combination of Copperwing's Signature Gin, juice from real strawberries, and a touch of sweetness. That's it. And it's delicious. Enjoy over ice for a quick and refreshing cocktail, or add to tonic for a simple fizzy drink. 


More spirits and cocktails coming this summer! 


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