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City Pages Best Distillery 2018: Copperwing Distillery

April 15, 2018

"You’d have a hard time finding three more unlikely candidates to start their own distillery than Kyle Kettering, Chris Palmisano, and Brian Idelkope. Two engineers (Kettering and Palmisano) and a family physician (Idelkope) hatched an idea for the first microdistillery and cocktail room in St. Louis Park in 2014, and opened Copperwing last March..."

Unlikely trio makes up Copperwing Distillery

February 24, 2018

"An unlikely trio found a new passion in making spirits, and they each have a unique part to play."

Signature Cocktails as Something Blue

February 01, 2018

Minnesota Bride showcases Copperwing Distillery in a signature wedding cocktail.

Mike's Mix - Copperwing Distillery

April 15, 2017

Chris and Kyle sit down with WCCO's Mike Augustiniak to talk Copperwing and make cocktails. 

St. Louis Park's first distillery room opens with vodka, whiskey and something called 'vodskey'

March 14, 2017

"St. Louis Park’s first distillery room is now open after Copperwing Distillery unveiled its initial spirits and cozy drinking emporium last weekend."

Now Open (Or Damn Close): Copperwing Distillery

March 01, 2017

"Three scientists—Chris Palmisano, Brian Idelkope, and Kyle Kettering—are spreading their wings with the opening of Copperwing Distillery in St. Louis Park. Kettering studied mechanical engineering; Palmisano studied electrical engineering before attending law school; and Idelkope studied genetics, cell biology, and development, before becoming a physician."

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