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Big Milestone Reached

Last week, our sign, designed by Kate Worum and constructed by George Hindley, was installed outside our building. You'll be able to spot it from Cambridge Street when you're in the neighborhood. To us, this sign is more than just a line item crossed off our to do list. It's a tremendous milestone. This Copper Wing marks the end of construction and the beginning of our new production. Our attention is turning from developing a cozy space - that's done now - to creating outstanding spirits and cocktails. We passed our final electrical inspection yesterday and are expecting to do the same with our final plumbing inspection tomorrow. St. Louis Park will inspect our building then the Department of Agriculture will give us their seal of approval. We're now a matter of weeks away from opening. Not months. This sign marks how far we've come since that day three years ago in Chris' backyard when the idea for creating a micro-distillery was hatched. It says, "Hey. We did this." It's been no small feat. The sign reminds us of the fun, the challenges, the encouragement, the hard work, and the overwhelming support we've had along this journey. We're thrilled with how this Copper Wing turned out and we're excited to introduce you to our Copperwing Distillery. Special thanks to Brian Shekleton for capturing this gorgeous photo.

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