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Gimlet "Bowtie" Bar

At Copperwing, our bar team is constantly innovating, and the classic gin gimlet is one of our favorite cocktails (it doesn’t hurt having such an excellent gin!).

With a year under our belts, quite a few cocktails have either been on one of our past menus or have been in development that were inspired by or were a clever twist on the gimlet. Instead of having a menu that’s 50% gimlets, we decided to keep things simple: a strait, standard gimlet foundation that we can easily—and cleverly—adjust to showcase several of our favorite house twists.

The term “Bowtie” as our differentiator is an homage to the Five Watt team that put together the original Copperwing Cocktail Menu. When Five Watt first opened, instead of saying you wanted your drink with cherrybark and vanilla, or black walnut and molasses, or orange, you say you’d like a “red bowtie”, or “brown bowtie”, or... still orange. Simply, it’s a fun way to evoke a change of flavor and experience.

So, for our summer menu, you get to choose what bowtie you feel like trying out:

Green Bowtie - tart, chartreuse, port-cherry, the “last word”

Pink Bowtie - bright, refreshing, ruby grapefruit, fun

Purple Bowtie - juicy, fruit & flowers, jammy, that raspberry though

Red Bowtie - sweet & spicy, complex, thai chili, bold

Black Bowtie - mysterious, dynamic, dark spiced, aromatic

All of the Bowties are unique but approachable, and beyond being delicious in their own right, it’s incredibly fun to sip through all of them—though you may need to come back to do it responsibly—find your favorite!

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