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March 2020


Three years ago, Copperwing Distillery started as a passion project to create premium distilled spirits in Saint Louis Park, MN. We came out of the gate with Vodka, Vodskey, and Gin, all of which have done quite well so far. Today, we have a small portfolio of products, some of which are currently only available at the distillery. Since then, we have added a Blended Straight Bourbon Whiskey that gets more delicious each time we bottle a batch. We also released Fresas, a strawberry flavored Gin that was an instant hit both in our craft cocktails and as a spirit alone. We’ve also been developing various liqueurs that we make in-house to serve in our classic cocktails, and have now created unique flavors for over a dozen in-house developed liqueurs. Our spirit distribution has now grown to include over 130 stores in MN and as well as a handful of bars and restaurants. If you're reading this and your favorite liquor stores and/or restaurants don't have Copperwing spirits yet, just ask them! Last year we welcomed the addition of Dampfwerk Distillery to the neighborhood, and have been thoroughly enjoying sharing our “Distillery District” with this group of talented spirit and cocktail crafters. We look forward to future collaborations, events, and maybe even a block party down the road!

Looking to the Future

This March, we’ll be releasing a house developed Fernet Ramé, which will be available first in the cocktail lounge and then very soon at local retailers. We're also currently developing ready-to-drink (aka RTD) bottled cocktails such as our Old Fashioned, Negroni, Dirty Martini, Manhattan, and French 75. Look out for more information on their release this summer! For the first time, we’re thrilled to be collaborating on product development with a local brewery, LTD Brewing Co. in Hopkins, MN. We’ll be distilling their beer and then aging that unique spirit in barrels for a special single-malt whiskey release. We also started a bourbon barrel sharing program for brewing barrel-aged beers in their taproom. When they're finished with these barrels, they’ll eventually be used to create a cask-mate finished whiskey. More on this collab to come! Finally, this summer will mark the release of 2 brand new Copperwing spirits - a 2-year aged Rum and a 3-year aged Brandy! Final dates on their release are still TBD, so make sure to stay connected with us through our social media channels and by subscribing to our email list if you haven’t already done so! There are many exciting things in store for Copperwing Distillery this year, and we can’t wait to continue to share them all with you in the months to come. Help us celebrate three years of crafting spirits and cocktails by attending our birthday celebrations throughout this week ending in our big party this Saturday! Cheers to three years and counting! Kyle, Chris, and Brian

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