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The Artists of Copperwing

We at Copperwing Distillery have been fortunate to work with a number of local artists in the development of our brand. We'd like to take a minute to give them all a shout out and tell the world how much we appreciate their time and talent. Kate Worum ( designed our eye-catching logo, seen above. She is an illustrator, designer, fashion expert and happens to be the 2015 City Pages Artist of the Year. We were thrilled with how Kate took the ideas of what we wanted Copperwing to look like and gave them life. Thanks to her, Copperwing Distillery has a brand that won't be forgotten. Kerry Dikken from Blasted Art ( etched that logo into several bottle prototypes, also seen above. He frosted some and left others clear to give us a few different looks to choose from. Heather Doyle and Adam Brusic from the Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center ( and made the gears that are set into our concrete bar. She also created the letters that are affixed to the front of our bar. George Hindley ( took our logo to new heights by welding it out of actual copper. It's the sign that now hangs over our door. (See previous post) Can you guess how many wing pieces he had to attach? Chris Hale and Sheila Mozayeny of SpaceCraft ( put together many of the finishing touches of our cocktail room, including the bar, the stacked wood tile design that spans the seating area, and lots of other little and not-so-little things along the way. Carlos "Lucky" Merino ( has been a design consultant with us from the beginning, helping us with designs and layouts for labels and merchandise. Lastly, Brian Shekleton ( has taken gorgeous photos of all of these things so we can give you a preview of what you'll see when you stop by. Brian has been immensely helpful for keeping us stocked with photos for our website and social media, including the photo above. An enormous thank you to ALL of the Artists of Copperwing. Please take a minute to peruse our website and see the artists' work.

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