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What is Vodskey, Anyway?

Vodskey in unmarked bottles

When you step into Copperwing Distillery next week, your eyes will have much to feast on. First, they will catch the gorgeous copper-inspired art in the cocktail room. The towering, polished stills on the far side of the glass will grab your attention next. You’ll make your way to the bar and notice there are a few taps. (Wait. Isn’t this a cocktail room? Why are there taps?) You’ll be directed to a menu where you’ll look over a dozen drink options. You’ll see many of the drinks are made from something we call Vodskey.

What the hell is Vodskey?

Vodskey, dear friends, is a clear, strong spirit, but it's not vodka because we don't distill it all the way to 190 proof. As a result, it retains more of the spirit’s natural sweetness as well as some natural oils, and thus yields a more full-bodied and flavorful spirit than vodka. It’s closer to vodka than whiskey, yet is derived from our whiskey, hence the name. Others describe it as sweet and buttery, with toasted vanilla that lingers on the tongue.

Vodskey's discovery was not unlike 3M's invention of post-it notes. (Look it up.) We were trying for something else and ended up with this unique spirit instead. In the old days, we created spirits using homemade stills. (Remember the engineering background of Copperwing’s owners? Check out the photo below.) Though our homemade stills had some limitations, those limitations led to the discovery of our Vodskey. We enjoyed drinking it, but more importantly, our friends did, too.

Our semi-homemade still from early days

You’ll find Vodskey in several of our drinks. One of which is a kegged cocktail we pull from the tap before adding the finishing touches. You can also ask for a flight of each of our spirits when you stop in. Make your own assessments. Tell us what you think.

Vodskey is something new. Something we’re really excited about. Something you won’t find anywhere else. And something you haven’t been able to try until now. Well. Until Saturday.

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